I’m honoured to have worked with a number of industry-leading brands and attractions. From marketing campaigns promoting local tourism in Japan to creating custom guides for famous locations in Europe, Oceania, and the United States, I’ve spent the last decade informing, entertaining, and persuading people with words.

What People Say

“A big compliment to your content team! The supplier is extremely happy.”

– Johnathan

“Thank you for creating this. We love the way you wrote about our highlights!”

– Sophie

“We were genuinely amazed at how you captured the spirit of our venue.”

– Michael

Famous Paintings (Series)

An ongoing series of articles for the Tiqets Blog focusing on famous paintings. Part of Tiqets’ mission is making culture more accessible, and these posts aim to turn the occasionally daunting subject of fine art into something engaging and approachable.


I love helping people tell their stories. During interviews, I always strive to ask open-ended questions that lead to interesting answers. The below examples are some of my favourites for various reasons (interviewing Shrek was a real career highlight).


Having spent just over two years living and working in Japan, much of my earlier content is based on various attractions around the Shikoku region. This incredible part of Japan is rugged, isolated, and relatively off the beaten tourist track.

Brands I’ve Worked With