What’s the story?

Image of Mick Murray

The short version:

I’m a professional writer, editor, and content consultant with international experience working for some of the world’s biggest brands and attractions.

My work has taken me to remote islands in Japan, even more remote islands in New Zealand, and the scenic canals of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The long(er) version:

My career started in New Zealand, working for the Australia-Pacific region’s largest media intelligence company. I created written summaries that were sent to clients including government departments, multinational corporations, and non-profit organisations. Over time, I grew into a leadership role, and eventually my team successfully covered media reporting across half of Australia’s total landmass.

Following this, I worked as a photojournalist and social media reporter in Japan. This involved traveling across different prefectures, taking photos and writing SEO-friendly articles to promote local tourism for lesser-known areas and attractions.

While my Japanese language skills were intermediate at best (to put it generously), meeting people and sharing their stories with the world was an immensely rewarding opportunity to help bring some much-needed love and attention to isolated communities.

After eating enough sushi and tempura to last a lifetime, I relocated to Amsterdam, where I’ve been working as a writer, editor, and online content specialist. Here, I managed a high-performing team of professional writers and editors at one of Europe’s most exciting scale-ups before starting my own content creation company.